10 Reasons why WordPress is a brilliant choice for your new website

I know what it’s like when you’re launching a new business.  There’s so much to do to lay the groundwork and a great website that reflects the best of your business is definitely on your list of top ‘must-get-sorted’ items.  But where to start  with so many possibilities available?

In this post, I will explain why I think you should seriously consider WordPress

Quite possibly your budget isn’t huge at this stage and is the major consideration.  At one end of the scale you’re tempted by advertisments for DIY websites that promise a professional looking site for next to no monetary investment at all.  At the other end of the scale, you are thinking that surely the only really good websites are those that are hand-coded from scratch by a coding expert?  This is your business and after all, you want it to be taken seriously.

From my own experience, I suggest you discount the drag-and-drop DIY options such as Wix.  It’s okay up to a point, but ultimately they are limited in functionality and it’s unlikely that the end result is going to be of the standard that you envisaged and the SEO isn’t great either.  Plus, your time is precious, right?  Do yourself a favour.  Invest in your business and pay a developer to build you a decent site.

There is a middle ground between DIY and ‘coded from scratch’ and it’s perfect for small and medium businesses: choose a CMS (Content Management System) solution.  My favourite is WordPress.  You’ve probably heard of WordPress already and may be unsure if it’s the right choice for you.  Here’s 10 reasons why I think WordPress is a brilliant option:

#1 – WordPress has become so much more than just a Blogging platform

Launched in the early ‘noughties’ as an open source platform, today WordPress is  a comprehensive and versatile content management system and now powers about  25% of all websites worldwide.  Why is it so popular?  Because it’s relatively easy to use and extremely flexible.  Although it’s really well suited to small and medium size business, it’s also the platform of choice for some REALLY big brands, such as Sony, Disney,  The New York Times, TED, LinkedIn Blog, Reuters, UPS, Ebay, Samsung, Mercedes-Benz and Vogue.  If it’s good enough for them…

#2 – WordPress is FREE software

Yes, Free!  You are free to download WordPress, edit and create as you like and publish.  All you need is a domain and hosting.

Most hosting companies generally provide one-click installation – ask before you buy.

#3  WordPress is hugely versatile

By using different themes (templates), you can produce all kinds of sites, including but not limited to: e-commerce, membership, appointment booking systems, classified ads – all of these are possible, plus more.  WordPress offers you full and unrestricted creative freedom.

#4  Need additional functionality?  Just add Plug-ins

In addition to themes, there are thousands of plug-ins available to extend the functionality of your WordPress website, for example: contact forms, event calendars, direct email subscription integration and so on.  With more than 40,000 available (some premium, many others free) there is bound to be one to meet your requirement.

#5  By using WordPress you become part of the WordPress community

As an open-source platform, WordPress is supported by a huge group of volunteer WordPress developers all over the world. These people are talented and dedicated coders and testers. Accessing help from the community is simple via forums and they are a very supportive bunch.

#6 Search Engines Like WordPress websites…

…because the software is written in a way that is appealing to the likes of Google.  The editing functionality within the platform positively encourages good SEO practices too.  Good news all round.

#7  WordPress is Mobile Responsive

By that we mean that it is built to perform well across all devices used to access the Web.  This is more important than ever before as more and more web pages are viewed on mobile devices. Google made it a factor in ranking websites in 2015.  That made everyone stand up and take notice.

#8  WordPress is easy to manage

Keeping your site secure and up to date is made simple, thanks to automatic update alerts.  Additional plug-ins also reinforce this.  Since so many websites are built on WordPress, it’s inevitable that there will always be a threat, as hackers continuously try to gain access through WordPress loopholes.  But keep everything up to date and it’s really very robust.

#9 It’s cost effective to pay a specialist to develop your site on WordPress

Rather than start from scratch, the basics are done and it’s ready to be customised.  Thereafter, you have the option to save money as you don’t need to pay a developer to add and edit every piece of content on your site.  It’s quick and simple to add photos, change text, add a new blog and so on.  In short, you can have total control over your site once built.  Even better, you can do this from anywhere in the world as long as your computer has internet access and a browser.

#10  WordPress can easily grow with your business and allows for easy refresh

It’s simple and cost effective to add in additional pages, which are automatically reflected in the menu.  Additionally, a simple change of theme results in an instant update and refresh of your entire site.  What’s not to love?

If you have questions about WordPress or would like to discuss the creation of a new website for your business, please get in touch. 

I’d love to hear from you. 

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